After years of practicing under the traditional process of an architect designed project, bid out to multiple contractors, we have decided to combine architecture and construction under the umbrella of HOUSE+.

There is an inherent efficiency in having all the players in one fold, saving time and bypassing potential communication problems that can arise from the traditional client/architect/ contractor relationship. Time savings alone is money in the bank let alone the savings of not hiring all the different design professionals to achieve what designcorps delivers.

One of the most attractive aspects, that is of high value to our client, is single source accountability of the design+build process. Our incentive to move towards this business model is so we can deliver our vision seamlessly.


For most people, buying a house is one of the single most expensive and complex investment.  Unfortunately, this process. from my own experiences and listening to others, too often lacks professionalism, integrity and expertise.  What HOUSE+ offers is an architect, a professional, who understands construction and the real estate industry and has the expertise and vision to turn what is ordinary to extra-ordinary.  Whether you are buying for yourself or for an investment, a buyer has the choice to choose their real estate partner.  The importance of this choice cannot be overstated.  HOUSE+ provides expertise, integrity and vision to select clients who understand the importance of choosing wisely.


HOUSE+ primarily deals with buyers and we deal exclusively with buyer agencies.  Sellers are welcome to contact us and we can provide advice and expertise on how to showcase your property in the best light.