Olympic Club San Francisco

Olympic Club San Francisco

Building is a multi-step complex process.  Let us guide you to make it seamless as possible.

Pre-project services: designcorps with collaboration of House + can aid our clients in locating and acquiring project sites. As an architect and a broker, the first step to a successful project is selecting the right site and structure for your building project.

Pre-design: Identifying and understanding the project scope and parameters. The "what" and "whys" of your building project.

Schematic Design: Applying what we find from pre-design to form the first vision of what and how your building project can be, should be and ought to be.

Design Development: Fleshing out what we learned from the schematic phase into what is real and possible. Cementing it in a workable scope, budget and what is allowed by code to prepare for the next phase.

Construction Documentation: This is the blueprint for construction that dictates in detail how the project is built. This document serves as an instrument to obtain bids, permits and approvals from local authorities and regulatory groups.

Permits and Approvals: This phase can be complex, where clients gain an understanding and are educated in the intricacies of the approval process.

Construction & Administration: Building the project as it is envisioned, in a timely manner with an eye to maintaining your budget.

Turnkey: designcorps and House+ is a unique team that can deliver a project from the initial concept to the day you turn your key and start living your dreams.

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